Shock and Strut Service near Hanover at Mercedes-Benz of Catonsville

If you prefer a smooth ride while cruising Columbia and Ellicott City roads, you'll likely want to ensure that your shocks and struts are in fit condition. Whether you're considering servicing your vehicle at Mercedes-Benz of Catonsville just for shocks and struts or for a general maintenance checkup, our service team is ready to help! Put an end to your bouncy ride, schedule a service appointment to have our team of seasoned technicians check your shocks and struts!

Signs your Shocks and Struts may Require Service

There are a range of handling and driving indicators that can help Columbia drivers determine shock and strut condition. For starters, there's the classic bouncy ride. More specifically, when Glen Burnie drivers go over a bump or a pothole, if your vehicle bounces for an overly long time, your shocks are likely worn out. Beyond this, drivers can check out the shocks for evidence of leaking fluid. If there's visible leaking fluid from the shocks, your shocks are functioning at less than optimal settings.

Shock and Strut Replacement Symptoms

  • Dented or damaged shock/body
  • Fluid leaks
  • Cupped tires
  • Continued bounce after going over holes or speedbump
  • Heavy nosedive while braking
  • Bumpy/harsh ride quality
  • Poor steering

Schedule a Shock and Strut Service Appointment at Mercedes-Benz of Catonsville!

Have a few questions for our service team? Have some service concerns you'd like to clarify before committing to a strut and shocks service appointment near Hanover? Drivers can reach out to our service team to go over any concerns! Schedule a service appointment by calling, stopping by our dealership, or by utilizing our handy online service center! Our service team is committed to providing efficient, professional service for drivers from Glen Burnie to Baltimore - and beyond!

Shocks and Struts

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