How to use the Favorites Menu

In your Mercedes-Benz you have probably already fallen in love with the intuitive Mercedes-Benz COMAND® system. If you haven't already discovered it, this system has a lot more to offer than just simply controlling multiple functions of your vehicle. You can save favorites ranging from your massage settings to frequently used addresses for your navigation system. Keep reading to learn how you can take advantage of the favorites menu in your Mercedes-Benz.

You can create presets for massage, ambient lighting, and much more through your Mercedes-Benz COMAND® center by using one of two methods. The first thing you need to know about using favorites is how to access them. You simply need to click the home button and then press down to get to your favorites menu. The favorites menu comes prepopulated with favorites that you can change and rearrange. To add a new favorite, click the new favorite button and customize your favorite, then you simply need to place it within your favorites menu. To save an address to your favorites menu go to your navigation system, select the address, and perform a two second hold on the home button. In a new Mercedes-Benz customization is paramount, so take advantage of the favorites menu in your Mercedes-Benz today.

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