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Mercedes-Benz Helps NYC Youth

Following a recent sweep of NYC after-school budget cuts, Mercedes-Benz USA is teaming up with Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA to bring kids living in New York City a variety of after-school sports programs. The 2012 plan: To fund 120 sports coaches in 40 communities, spanning five under-served NYC boroughs.

In total, roughly 10-thousand youth will gain much-needed mentoring. Mercedes-Benz of Catonsville serving Columbia doesn't know about you, but we couldn't be…

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Introducing the New CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA

There's a new CEO behind the wheel of Mercedes-Benz USA. His name is Steve Cannon.

Cannon first came to the suit-and-tie position after spending many years in fatigues. That's right; this CEO patrolled the West German boarder prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall. At West Point he set the current record of pushups per minute. Though, we're pretty sure he doesn't tell his employees at Mercedes-Benz to drop and…

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